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Visitor Badges ID With Clips (Orange) 5-Piece Set (3.4 x 2.1")

This 5-pack of visitor id badges will increase the security and integrity of your building or facility. Easily identify with these bright yellow tags who is a guest in your school, office, or work site. Also included are 5 bulldog clips which are attached at the hole at the top of the card. A lanyard could also be used but are not included. These tags are the size of a standard credit card at 3.36" x 2.12". The badges are made of strong plastics and will withstand most weather conditions.

  • MULTI USE. Easily identify who is a guest in your building and maintain the safety and integrity of your operations. Perfect for schools, offices, facilities, or work sites.
  • EASY TO USE. Simply insert the bulldog clip into the hole punched at the top and attach to clothing. Hole will also work with thinner lanyards.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE. Made with quality plastics and high resolution graphics, these cards won't break down or warp easily. Simply use and re-use for every guest at your building.
  • PERFECT SIZE. Roughly the size of a credit card, these 3.36" x 2.12" bright orange id tags are small and comfortable but large enough to be noticed by staff or employees.
  • ANY TIME. These sturdy security badges are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. The strong plastic will not melt in the heat or warp in the rain.


Our badges are made with durable 0.02" thick PVC plastic. This superior durability means you can reuse our badges multiple times, saving you from constantly purchasing new badges.


Our badges have a bright and attractive graphic design. You'll easily be able to identify visitors within your busy workplace, school, facility or other setting requiring individual identification.


Each badge comes with a bulldog clip. Unlike poor quality badges that leave pinholes or sticky residue on your clothing, our clips are secure but gentle enough to avoid leaving marks.


Sometimes visitors get lost or confused, particularly in large, busy work settings. They can be exposed to sensitive materials, dangerous machinery, or other workplace hazards. Having clear identification will maintain safety for everyone. With our visitor badges, employees, security guards, and other personnel will be able to identify who is permitted to enter certain areas or who may need guidance when lost. Make sure you identify everyone in your facility.