MESS Receptionist Is Unavailable Sign for Front-End Desks (7.9 Inches x 1.8 Inches)

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This 8 inch x 2 inch desk sign can be used for any office or workplace where the administrative assistant or staff needs to step away frequently. To use, simply place on the top of the desk when staff is away. Material is sturdy plastic and will withstand punishment or tougher work environments easily. Combine with a desk bell (not included). Sign is black on the outside with white writing, and black underneath.

  • WORKS ANYWHERE. Display on your desk where you need to step away for a moment. Perfect for reception or front office at businesses, hotels, schools, hospitals, offices, or other work environments.
  • STURDY AND CLEAR. Made of strong plastics with a clear, legible message, this V-shaped tent like sign will be sure to direct customers, clients, or people at your business what to do when you're not there.
  • PERFECT SIZE. At a nice 8 inches x 2 inches, this sign is large enough to be noticed but not so large that it gets in the way.
  • ESSENTIAL FOR ANY OFFICE. Important for administrative assistants, receptionists, secretaries, tellers, or other staff or employees.
  • NO WORRIES. Stop worrying when you're away from your desk, counter, or bar that someone is waiting. Simply put out this sign and continue your day with peace of mind.