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MESS Parking Permit Hang Tags (Red) - 50 Tough Thick Re-Usable Weatherproof Passes for Car Or Vehicle Rear View Mirrors

Red MESS Parking Permit Hang Tags! The tags measure 3" x 5" x 0.02". These tags are perfect for landlords or parking lot managers who have parking rules and need to manage cars in their lot. The tags are built to last as they are weatherproof, thick, strong, and malleable. The permits will withstand both intense heat and cold from the environment. To use: Write your message on the tag with a dry erase marker and give to the vehicle owner. Have them hang the tag off their rear view mirror. When they return it to you, wipe off the marker and write a new message and repeat the process.

  • CUSTOMIZE IT. The blank space makes it easy to personalize each parking pass. Simply use a dry-erase marker and wipe clean after use. Re-use this pass over and over again for each vehicle.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL. Bendable plastic allows you to easily display messages without fear of breaking or cracking. These tags are super thick and tough. At 0.02" thick (credit card size), these tags will easily withstand a hundreds of uses.
  • MULTI-USE. Perfect for tenants, residents, employees, staff or students. Easily identify either the permanent tenant or the visitor who is parking at your apartment, hotel, university, condominium, or townhome.
  • ANY CLIMATE. Water-resistant weatherproof tags can handle intense heat and cold and should last multiple years outside.
  • SIMPLE DESIGN. Bold lettering and bright colors make these permits easy to notice and make identifying cars in your lot a breeze. The back of the tag has a disclaimer and instructions for use.