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Parking Hang Tag Blank White Customizable Parking Permits (100-Pack) 3" x 5"

 Increase the safety of your parking lot with these durable blank white parking hanger tags. Ideal for temporary or long term messages.. Do-It-Yourself with our 100-pack of reliable hang tags! The 0.36 millimeter thick tags are the perfect balance of integrity and strength. Able to be used with printer cut-outs or print-outs on laser or ink jet printers.

  • CUSTOMIZE IT. It’s easy to use a a marker and write your own permanent message. Attach your own permit sticker or print and design your own label. Do It Yourself when those other products can’t get the job done.
  • MULTI USE. Perfect for tenants, residents, employees, staff or students. Easily identify who is allowed to park at your apartment, hotel, university, condominium, or townhome.
  • ANY TIME. Water-resistant placards can handle intense heat (up to 160°F) and cold and should last multiple years outside.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL. Bendable PVC Vinyl allows you to easily display messages without fear of breaking or cracking.
  • PERFECT SIZE. At a handy 3” x 5” these hanging tags are small enough to avoid blocking a driver’s sight, but large enough to be seen by a parking lot manager.

Easy to Use and Re-Use

For a permanent message, write on the tag with a permanent marker or sharpie.

If you wish to reuse our tags, simply use a non-permanent marker. This option will save you from being forced to purchase new tags again and again.

Well Designed

Our tags are 3" X 5" and are completely white on both sides. Write on either side of the PVC Vinyl tag with ease.

Our tags are light and easy to handle and can be quickly cleaned with a cloth and water.

Tough and Versatile

Our tags withstand repeated exposure to the extraordinary variations in temperature within automobiles. They simply refuse to crack!

They'll also bend easily without breaking if you need to them to - and will resist dirt and common car chemicals, like oil or grease.