3" Candle Warning Stickers Labels for Jars and Containers / Large Round Labels (250 per Roll)

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Contains 1 roll of 250 candle warning stickers for jars and containers. Stickers are 3" in diameter and round with black text on a white background with a matte finish. Stickers are meant for larger candles and jars and will not fit smaller or thinner candles. Perfect for bulk candle making and candle making kits. Will fit on Mason Jars, hanging candles, or other candle holders. Will not lose integrity or seal with heat or melting wax.

  • HIGH QUALITY. Made of powerful materials, these stickers will bond perfectly to the bottom of larger candles and containers. They are white with black lettering and a matte finish.
  • ANY TYPE. This is the perfect addition to your candle making supplies and will fit larger Votive, Beeswax, Soy, Pillar, or Container candles. Will not fit on smaller Tealight and Taper candles.
  • BIG AND BOLD. A clear, legible, and understandable message means that your candles will be safe for sale and use in a home or business.
  • DO IT YOURSELF. Self-adhesive stickers apply simply and easily to flat surfaces and stay there once applied. Will maintain integrity even with high heat and melting wax.
  • STAY PROTECTED. Complying with strict ASTM Standards, the wording on these stickers will help protect your loved ones, your business, and your customers.