Mailing Seals Clear Wafer Shape Round 1-Inch Circles (1,000) Non-Perforated

Small. Clear. Reliable.
MESS translucent rolls of 1000 Wafer Seals are manufactured with a superior pressure sensitive adhesive, ensuring that your packages, envelopes, and other projects will stay sealed as long as required. Our seals can be applied to a clean surface and removed with ease and they're compatible with dispensers. Whatever your project is, MESS Wafer Seals are exactly what you need. Use MESS Wafer Seals by applying to a clean surface and pressing firmly to achieve a strong bond.
  • OUR MAILING SEALS STAY STUCK. Unlike other brands, they are 100% guaranteed to stay stuck on your packaging or mailer. With added acrylate emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive, our seals will perform as required for an extended period of time. We promise your goods will remain sealed in transit.
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: Our versatile clear wafer seals will adhere to envelopes, boxes, flyers, booklets, CD cases, plastic containers, poly bags, promotional material or paper and packaging.
  • ENHANCED APPEARANCE: Our petite, semi transparent and elegant looking seals will give your retail packaging, brochures, or mailers an enhanced professional appearance. Sticker with ease -- these seals are 100% USPS compliant.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply peel and apply by pressing firmly to a clean surface. If you want to remove the seal, locate the edge and just peel it off. The perfect mailing circle stickers.
  • WORKS WITH DISPENSERS. The inner core of 1.5" means that on standard 3" dispensers, you'll be able to fit two of these rolls. If you need clear circle stickers, look no further than these wonderful and fun labels!