Homemade Canning Dissolvable Labels For Mason Jars and More Blank White (2" Circles 60-Pack)

100% Dissolvable Jam, Butter, and Jelly Canning Labels!

Totally Water Soluble & Won't Leave Residue!

MESS Dissolvable Labels are totally water soluble and disappear in seconds under water! Simply run the label on the container under any temperature water to remove it. The label will vanish like magic before your eyes!

Many Uses

Use them on the tops or the sides of your canning jars. They'll work better on a smooth surface that doesn't have ridges or writing. Perfect for canning season, farmers market season, or any season!

Works Anywhere

Won't fall off after an extended period in the fridge or freezer, and won't melt in the microwave. Will stay stuck on your containers as long as they adhere to a smooth surface.

  • DISSOLVES IN WATER. 100% Water Soluble! While other dissolvable labels won't stay stuck on or won't dissolve correctly, our labels are made with H2ODP water-soluble paper and a water dissolvable adhesive. This means that not only will your labels stay stuck on your containers for as long as you want, but when they'll DISSOLVE EASILY when it's time to clean the container.
  • PERFECT PRESERVES. Makes a great addition to your canning kit and supplies. Whether you're an expert or a beginner who has just got their first canning supplies starter kit, these labels and their fun design are sure to please!
  • CANNING LABELS FOR JARS. These 1.5" labels fit perfectly on the tops of most Mason Jars. They also are able to be stuck on the side! The perfect personalized label stickers for your unique home made and handmade project!
  • JUST LIKE MAGIC. Water soluble stickers extend the life of your jars and canning supplies. These are so easy to remove and clean that you'll have more time to can and spread the love -- and jam!
  • LABEL EVERYTHING. Great on all kinds of Jars, Mason Jars, and containers. Check out the Strawberry, Grape, Raspberry, Blackberry, Apricot, Blueberry, or Cherry Jam labels! Try them on your Peanut and Almond Butter too -- or even Honey!


- The labels are slightly transparent and made with water dissolvable paper. That means that any water or condensation on them will begin the dissolving process. Make sure your hands and the jars are completely dry before application for a more lasting seal. That being said, small droplets on the label will not ruin it, but for best results, make sure your workspace is free from any liquids.

- There will be some slight ink bleeding on the label using thicker felt pens. For best results, use thin felt pens, pencils, or ballpoint pens.

- Writing on the label before you've placed it on the container will be easier.

- Often glass jars and other containers have ridges, jagged, or rippled edges. Our dissolvable labels will work best on smooth, flat surfaces. Press firmly to achieve a lasting seal.

- There's no need to remove the label before you place it in the dishwasher. Just put the container with the label on, run the cycle, and the label will be gone.

    Strawberry Jam
    Cherry Jam
    Blackberry Jam
    Apricot Jam
    Almond Butter
    Blueberry Jam
    Raspberry Jam
    Peanut Butter
    Grape Jam