Dissolvable Freezer Labels (500 Per Roll) Write On Removable Food Labels for Meal Prep Containers and More 1x2"

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  • Easy Dissolve. Our food labels dissolve effortlessly under any temperature water. Say goodbye to nasty or annoying jar label residue and gunk from poor labels, tape, or stickers.
  • Use at Home. Perfect for extra leftovers, meal prep, or food containers. Easily put removable labels on any freezer item to quickly see what's inside - no more guessing.
  • Use at Work. Great for commercial, restaurant kitchens, caterers, and more. These professional freezer stickers will help eliminate food waste in your workplace. Simply and easily identify what is in your freezer.
  • How to Use: Apply these kitchen fridge labels to a desired container and write your preferred message. Afterwards RINSE under any temperature water to wash away.
  • Save time and money. Know what needs to be eaten first and when. Stay organized, stop food waste and save money with these refrigerator and freezer labels.