About Us


Thanks so much for visiting our store! We hope you enjoy while you're here. Let us know if you have any questions - we love to hear from you! We are a small family run company. We manufacture and create our own products in the office space and textiles niche! 

We really do stand by our products and extensively test and vet each and every one. We are not interested in selling cheap or easily broken products. Anything you receive from us will have seriously been looked after during the creation & shipping process.

We created our business to give customers easier to use, simpler, and well made products. In such a throw-away culture we know that MESS Brand products will last and withstand many uses. If you're anything like us you're tired of things that just don't work well and aren't designed intelligently. 

Thanks for checking us out. You can also visit us on Amazon at www.amazon.com/mess 

- Max & Em